About Us

Subrogation Company -:

Other Party Liability Inc., in conjunction with Laffey & Associates P.C, Provides Health Care Claim Data Mining, Coordination of Benefit services, Claim audit services, Subrogation recovery services, Plan Language drafting as well as litigation and legal subrogation services for employers Third Party Administrators and Health insurance companies. The group also provides litigation and ERISA appeal services. While the organization’s headquarters are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Other Party Liability, Inc., assists clients throughout the United States and have represented employers and insurers in all 50 states.

OPL has a 22 year history of administering systematic programs of subrogation outsourcing for insurers, third party administrators, and employers. We have developed a proven process which involves attorney oversight complete with comprehensive tracking and reporting. Through this process, we have been able to significantly increase subrogation recoveries for our clients, far superior to the industry norms. While we have the capabilities and staffing to replace an entire OPL/COB /Subrogation department, we are most often called upon to support and enhance subrogation processing and claim recoveries. We have the capacity to perform the entire subrogation process beginning with claim identification based upon our data mining algorithms that encompass all information provided within a claim, through recovery. We also excel in pursuing the difficult cases when the plan is unable to recover except through litigation. Importantly, all administrative costs and legal fees for our services are paid by increased recoveries. Our staff of attorneys, paralegals, data specialists, and claim administrators are here to assist you with your health care subrogation.

Who we serve and our process

OPL is committed to providing subrogation and coordination of benefits needs for insurance companies, health funds, TPAs, stop loss carriers, and individual employers. We recognize that subrogation is a small portion of our client’s overall health benefit administration and customer service responsibility, however it is an area where health benefit dollars are recouped and it reviews constantly all of the claim administration functions of a benefit plan. Our staff is trained to explain subrogation principles to members, their attorneys and third parties and not to subject subscribers to the perception of heavy-handed collection tactics.

OPL has the capabilities to support and enhance, or assume, many of the functions of your other party liability department through the implementation and the administration of a comprehensive and aggressive program of coordination of benefits and subrogation identification and administration. Our services increase group customer satisfaction and executive management financial concerns through greater reporting, communication, and ultimately increasing recoveries significantly. We couple this with improved tracking and reporting methods for both senior management and group customers, so there is no mystery as to what is occurring in the subrogation process.

Our focus is not exclusively limited to the recovery of subrogation funds on any particular case, but rather insuring that the health plan systematically pursues and identifies all possible subrogation claims in a documented, and effective revenue-producing manner. This will maximize the dollar value of your subrogation recoveries and the plans relationship with its customers.

To further assist with subrogation claim identification, OPL works with plan benefit managers, risk managers, Legal staff, and human resources departments to maximize identification of potential claims. OPL also pursues short term and long term disability payments for several of its self-insured clients.